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GEOSCANS has the capacity to complete any size project. If you have 2 images or 2,000 images GEOSCANS treats all jobs the same. GEOSCANS will provide your project on DVD, hardrive, or our FTP site. With our new technology we are able to upload a low resolution file immediately to our website which enables both you and your client to view each image that is scanned. That means there is no wait for you or your clients to see the finished product.
All film is run through a film cleaner, prior to scanning, eliminating most dust and other particles; a process which in turn saves time and ensures a higher quality product. GEOSCANS has over 70 terabytes of usable RAID level 6 storage enabling GEOSCANS to keep all imagery on file for 30-60 days at no charge in case any problem should arise during shipping or production. In most cases we are able to ship out projects 100 images or less in the same day. We also offer dodging services, BW contact prints and minification files which will help with viewing and the aero triangulation process.
3- Leica DSW700 Workstations
Fast Dodge Software
HAS Film Cleaner
EPC-UG2 Contact Printer
DL380 processing
MSA 1500 Housing