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GEOSCANS is an aerial photo scanning firm providing professional services worldwide. GEOSCANS is a cost effective solution committed to ensuring a high quality product in a professional manner. GEOSCANS has a knowledgeable staff with many years of experience in photogrammetry and working with the Leica DSW700 Digital Scanning Workstation. GEOSCANS has the capacity with 3 DSW700 workstations to complete any size project in a timely manner.
Leica DSW700 Workstation:
Softcopy photogrammetry work, stereo-compilation, and ultimately, orthophotos can only be as accurate as the source imagery. Working in a digital photogrammetry environment requires that the scanned aerial photographs are not only as accurate as possible but that the appearance of the film is reproduced faithfully and that the raw air photos are scanned quickly so that production can begin rapidly.
The Leica DSW700 Digital Scanning Workstation is a photogrammetric scanner, designed for maximum throughput. It is capable of scanning aerial film, cut sheets or roll, black and white, color or false color, positive or negative, at a very high speed. The geometric and radiometric performances meet all photogrammetric requirements. The DSW700 includes several innovations, not only to achieve maximum speed but also to optimize radiometric performance by virtually eliminating Newton rings.
The DSW700 is built on the successful design of the earlier DSW200/300/500/600 models, based on a heavy, precise mechanical construction with moving stage plate, and stationary digital camera with state-of-the-art CCD sensor. The principal improvements over current scanner design include a novel ring light with LEDs of various colors, a high quality 11-megapixel sensor, and anti-reflective coatings on the stage and cover plates to combat Newton rings. A further innovation is the use of next generation optical encoders to position the stage, resulting in increased geometric accuracy.
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